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Service Base URL Test Kit

Test Kit Version: 0.9.1
Maturity: Low

The Service Base URL Test Kit provides a set of draft tests to validate that Certified API Developers can publish their service base URLs in a specified format as described in the HTI-1 rule. The HTI-1 rule requires that a Certified API developer must publish, at no charge, the service base URLs and related organizational details that can be used by patients to access their electronic health information. These service base URLs and organizational details must conform to the following:

  • Service based URLs must be publicly published in Endpoint resource format according to the standard adopted in § 170.215(a) - FHIR 4.0.1 release
  • Organization details for each service base URL must be publicly published in Organization resource format according to the standard adopted in §170.215(a) - FHIR 4.0.1 release
  • Each Organization resource must contain:
    • A reference in the Organization.endpoint element, to the Endpoint resources containing service base URLs managed by this organization
    • The organization’s name, location, and provider identifier
    • Endpoint and Organization resources must be:
      • Collected into a Bundle resource formatted according to the standard adopted in FHIR v4.0.1: § 170.215(a) for publication
      • Reviewed quarterly and, as necessary, updated

While these tests do not specifically verify conformance to Patient-Access Brands within the draft SMART App Launch v2.2.0 standard, systems that implement that standard should pass these tests. Please report an issue if there are any problems.

The Service Base URL Test Kit GitHub repository can be found here.

Providing Feedback and Reporting Issues

We welcome feedback on the tests, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Validation logic, such as potential bugs, lax checks, and unexpected failures.
  • Requirements coverage, such as requirements that have been missed, tests that necessitate features that the IG does not require, or other issues with the interpretation of the IG’s requirements.
  • User experience, such as confusing or missing information in the test UI.

Please report any issues with this set of tests in the issues section of the repository.

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