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Inferno on is for demonstration only. Not for use with is not for use with sensitive data or Protected Health Information (PHI). Data periodically removed.

ONC Certification (g)(10) Standardized API Test Kit

Test Kit Version: 5.4.2
Maturity: High
SMART App Launch
US Core
Bulk Data

The ONC Certification (g)(10) Standardized API Test Kit is a testing tool for Health IT systems seeking to meet the requirements of the Standardized API for Patient and Population Services criterion § 170.315(g)(10) in the ONC Certification Program. It is an approved test method for the § 170.315(g)(10) test procedure.

This test kit includes a simulated conformant FHIR API that can be used to demonstrate success for all tests. This simulated API is open source and is available on GitHub. Visit the walkthrough for a demonstration of using these tests against the provided simulated FHIR API.

Systems may adopt later versions of standards than those named in the rule as approved by the ONC Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP). Please select which approved version of each standard to use, and click ‘Create Test Session’ to begin testing.


The ONC Certification (g)(10) Standardized API is actively developed and updates are released monthly.

The test kit currently tests all requirements for the Standardized API for Patient and Population Services criterion § 170.315(g)(10). This includes:

  • SMART App Standalone Launch with full system access
  • SMART App Standalone Launch with limited system access
  • SMART App Standalone Launch with OpenID Connect
  • SMART App EHR Launch
  • SMART App EHR Launch with patient scopes
  • SMART App Launch Invalid AUD Parameter
  • SMART App Launch Invalid Access Token Request
  • Support for Capability Statement
  • Support for all US Core Profiles
  • Searches required for each resource
  • Support for Must Support Elements
  • Profile Validation
  • Reference Validation
  • Export of multiple patients using the FHIR Bulk Data Access IG

See the test descriptions within the test kit for detail on the specific validations performed as part of testing these requirements.

Repository and Resources

The ONC Certification (g)(10) Standardized API Test Kit can be downloaded from its GitHub repository, where additional resources and documentation are also available to help users get started with the testing process. The repository Wiki provides a FAQ for testers, and the Releases page provides information about each new release.

Providing Feedback and Reporting Issues

We welcome feedback on the tests, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Validation logic, such as potential bugs, lax checks, and unexpected failures.
  • Requirements coverage, such as requirements that have been missed, tests that necessitate features that the IG does not require, or other issues with the interpretation of the IG’s requirements.
  • User experience, such as confusing or missing information in the test UI.

Please report any issues with this set of tests in the issues section of the repository.

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