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UDS+ Test Kit

Test Kit Version: 1.0.7
Maturity: Moderate

The UDS+ Test Kit validates the conformance of a server to the UDS+ IG v1.0.1. The included tests function as a rudimentary data receiver. This receiver will take a provided Import Manifest, either as an HTTP location or as a raw json, and validate its contents. This includes validating the structure of the manifest, as well as the structure of the data the manifest points to.

This test kit is built using the Inferno Framework. The Inferno Framework is designed for reuse and aims to make it easier to build test kits for any FHIR-based data exchange.


The test kit currently tests the following requirements:

  • That a given import manifest structure and the structure of the data the manifest points to are valid
  • Receiving an import manifest by POST request
  • Receiving and validating individual resources by URL or raw JSON

See the test descriptions within the test kit for detail on the specific validations performed as part of testing these requirements.


The UDS+ Test Kit GitHub repository can be found here.

Providing Feedback and Reporting Issues

Please report any issues with this set of tests in the issues section of the repository.

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