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Inferno on is for demonstration only. Not for use with is not for use with sensitive data or Protected Health Information (PHI). Data periodically removed.

DaVinci US Drug Formulary Test Kit

Test Kit Version: 0.9.1
Maturity: Low

The DaVinci US Drug Formulary Test Kit validates the conformance of a server implementation to the DaVinci Payer Data Exchange (PDex) US Drug Formulary Implementation Guide v2.0.1.

These tests check the following behaviors as defined in the IG:

  • FHIR Interactions
    • Capabilities
    • Read
    • Search
      • Individual search parameters
      • _include searches
  • FHIR Data
    • Validation against IG profiles
    • Presence of all Must Support fields
      • Resolution of Must Support references

The DaVinci US Drug Formulary Test Kit is built using the Inferno Framework. The Inferno Framework is designed for reuse and aims to make it easier to build test kits for any FHIR-based data exchange.

Known Limitations

The following areas of the IG are not fully tested in this draft version of the test kit:

  • Must Support checks are not performed for all elements of Formulary Drug resources due to the use of an intensional value set for slicing MedicationKnowledge.code.coding elements.
  • The following search features are not tested:
    • Combination searches
    • Multiple Or
    • Multiple And
    • Comparators

Reporting Issues

Please report any issues with this set of tests in the GitHub Issues section of this repository.

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