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Inferno on is for demonstration only. Not for use with is not for use with sensitive data or Protected Health Information (PHI). Data periodically removed.

Welcome to the new Inferno on

February 12, 2024

Welcome to the new Inferno on! The goal of this redesign is to provide easier access to the growing suite of conformance tests available for use on this service. It also adds content for users to more easily understand this service and to follow updates to it over time.

Key Features of the Redesigned Site

This site-wide update includes the following improvements:

  • Enhanced Organization of Tests: Tests built with Inferno are fundamentally organized into Test Kits, each of which target specific data exchange use cases for FHIR or specific certification criterion. The updated design now is consistent with this pattern, allowing related test suites and other tools to be logically grouped with related content. Visit the Test Kits page for a list of test kits loaded onto this suite. This page is designed to better accommodate a growing set of tests hosted on this site.
  • Improved Clarity of Inferno Framework vs. Inferno on Inferno is a Framework for creating, executing and sharing tests. Inferno on (this site), is a service for running specific tests built with the Inferno Framework. However, it is just one such service; users are welcome to host their own copy of Inferno loaded with whatever Inferno tests they would like. The redesign attempts to better distinguish Inferno Framework from this single hosted instance of Inferno, which we call ‘Inferno on’.
  • News, Updates, and Events: Test Kits that are hosted on this site are frequently updated, but in previous versions of the site it wasn’t obvious when these updates took place. A News & Updates section will now list updates made across the site so users are informed of all recent changes. Additionally, the team will maintain a list of upcoming Events hosted by the Inferno development team.

While this update changes how users start new testing sessions, the overall flow should be approximately the same. And note that the Inferno Test interface has not changed at all.

Questions? Contact Us.

Please reach out if you have any issues, questions, or comments about this redesigned site.

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