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Inferno on is for demonstration only. Not for use with is not for use with sensitive data or Protected Health Information (PHI). Data periodically removed.

December 2023 Monthly Update

December 12, 2023

The December monthly update includes updates to several test kits, including a minor release for the (g)(10) Test kit, a minor release for the SMART App Launch Test Kit, and a patch-level update to the UDS+ Test Kit.

  • The ONC Certification (g)(10) Standardized API Test Kit v4.1.0 is now available on Infernno On for general use.
  • The SMART App Launch Test Kit has been upgraded to support Token Introspection tests in preparation for eventual inclusion in the ONC Certification program as part of HTI-1. These new tests are located within the STU2 test suite of that test kit.
  • An improvement to the UDS+ Test Kit has been released. This update fixes an incorrect profile URL for clinical result operations and suppresses certain invalid terminology validation errors when run locally.
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